Two Great Ways to Experience the Florida Keys in All Their Splendor

The Florida Keys are truly beautiful, but many visitors fail to see them at their true best. Visiting the Keys and spending time on various beaches can certainly be enjoyable, but there are ways of getting an even more intimate and memorable feeling for what the area is all about.

After all, what makes the Keys so special is how each of these distinctive, fascinating pieces of land lies only a quick hop across the open ocean from others. A catamaran charter that allows passengers to feel what it is like to move from one island to the other makes for an unforgettable way to experience a truly spectacular part of the world.

Charter and Tour Companies Are Ready to Make Memories for Florida Keys Visitors

There are hundreds of resorts, ports, seaside restaurants, beach hotels, and other attractions for visitors to enjoy spread throughout the Florida Keys. Many find themselves sticking to a single destination and perhaps doing a bit of exploring outward from that point.

A better way to get a real feeling for the splendor and uniqueness of the Keys is to plan a trip that covers a lot more of them. With a variety of options to choose from, visitors can always arrange for an experience that will suit their preferences perfectly. Some of the types of charters and excursions that Keys visitors opt for most often include:

Bareboat charters. Veterans of the Keys will often have developed their own ideas about how best to see them. Making arrangements for the rental of a seaworthy ship alone can be an excellent option for those in this boat. Whether that means having a professional captain the craft or taking on those duties independently, with a bareboat charter florida keys visitors can see the area however they wish.

Tours. Visitors who wish to sit back and take in the sights more easily often opt for florida keys catamaran tours and similar types of outings. Tours that provide everything needed to see selected Keys from the waters that surround them frequently make for especially memorable times.

Many More Ways to Experience the Keys More Fully

Whether with a key west catamaran charter or a rental that puts a craft at the service of a group, getting out on the water around the Keys always proves rewarding. Spending time on some of the Keys’ many beaches might well be enjoyable, but a true understanding of the area comes only to those who see them from the other side.


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